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Focused Guided Meditation

Transform your life by liberating yourself from limiting beliefs

We all know the invaluable benefits of meditation.


From stress relief to enlightenment there are innumerable remarkable gains from mindfulness practise. But Focused Guided Meditation is not the regular meditation.


It is meditation with a very specific purpose – to free us from our limiting beliefs.


We are all driven by our beliefs, values, and morals and mostly they serve us in good stead. However, limiting beliefs would be at the top of the list of obstacles that prevents anyone from living their dream life. Limiting beliefs do not serve us, instead they disempower us.


Beliefs are something that for us is true and certain, naturally, it influences our behaviour, lifestyle, and choices. Conversely, we set boundaries and limitations on our conduct based on our beliefs. The trouble is beliefs are the cumulative result of conditioning, society, and our life experiences. Most of our beliefs are in the unconscious mind hence, we are not always aware of how they affect our choices due to which we find certain aspects of our lives remain unfulfilled, certain joys elusive, in spite of working hard for them.


Beliefs give rise to thoughts and thoughts influence actions, choices, and decisions and as long as we are bogged down by limiting beliefs, dreams will remain dreams. Some examples of limiting beliefs are - “I am unlovable”, “I can’t do…..(fill in the blank) because I am too old”, “he/she is too good for me”, “I am not good enough to achieve that”, “love is painful”, “rich people are bad”…..and so on. We have beliefs related to every aspect of our lives and so long as they are unhelpful, we cannot flourish.


Focused Guided Meditation at TLP is designed to liberate you from limiting beliefs that hold you back and replace them with constructive, empowering beliefs to strengthen, and enable, you to live the joyous life you desire and deserve.

1 Hour 

Focused Guided Meditation


In person or online

$120 Private Session

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