Limiting Beliefs

All of us have beliefs that drive us, and most beliefs serve us in good stead. Limiting beliefs, however, disempower us. They are obstacles that prevent us from realising our dreams and experience the life that we desire.⁠

This is because our beliefs influence our choices and choices in turn lead to action. By the same token, reverse is also true i.e., our boundaries and limitations are established by our beliefs. ⁠

Why is that a problem?⁠

Beliefs are the cumulative result of conditioning, society, and our life experiences. Thus, not all of them are constructive. The other bit of challenge with beliefs is that they reside in our unconscious mind, hence, most times we are not even aware of its impacts on our choices. That is why despite working hard and having the right intentions we find that certain aspects of our lives remain unfulfilled. ⁠

It is a very simple equation. Beliefs govern thoughts, thoughts determine our decisions. Thoughts + decisions = what we manifest, which means, beliefs = manifestation. ⁠

Few examples of limiting beliefs: “love is painful”, “I am not good enough”, “I can’t….(fill in the blank)”, “Money can’t buy happiness”, “I am unworthy”. Fear of success, fear of being rejected, fear of failure are also some very common forms limiting beliefs. ⁠

Can you now see how insidious limiting beliefs are and how it might impact what we experience in life? ⁠

Good news is that limiting beliefs can be transformed. TLP’s Focused Guided Meditation is designed to liberate you from impeding limiting beliefs and instead replace them with strong, empowering beliefs for a joyous and successful life.

Varsha @theliberationprojectoz

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