Let’s talk about self-care. We all get so busy and entirely caught up with work, domestic chores, and life in general that it’s easy to forget to take a break and look after ourselves. This is especially challenging right now as so many people juggle the demands of working from home, home schooling and additional burden of managing Covid restrictions😕

The thing is, self-care does not need to be too elaborate. For example, on a day when you find yourself buried under work, even little practices like taking just a few minutes’ break to enjoy your favourite cup of tea, or a short walk on the grass in the backyard while soaking up the sun (or whatever works for you) will help take that pressure off and refuel the tank.

Of course, having a lifestyle that incorporates regular self-care practices is not only ideal but a vital element of a happy and healthy life. Self-care is not a choice, it is crucial for overall wellbeing – physical, mental, and emotional. It is about doing something just for yourself. Something, anything that makes you happy.

Here are some of the things I do for some quality me-time:

1. Start my day with a litre of lukewarm water (this I do every day).

2. Dance. Not all out as that is not always possible at home. But since it is so integral to my happiness, I do a little jiggy in the shower (not kidding). It makes a huge difference.

3. Exercise. I mix it up with yoga, strength workout and cardio. I also love to stretch.

4. Read. One of my favourite ways to kickback is with a book and a cup of coffee/tea.

5. Meditate as often as I can.

6. Get a full body massage.

7. Sleep-in.

8. An occasional day spent doing nothing (or whatever I feel like to relax).

9. A hot bath with Epsom salts, lavender oil, and candles.

10. Connect with nature – bush walk or go to the beach.

Think about how you can incorporate self-care into your day despite how busy you may be. Please comment below and share your favourite ways of ‘me-time’ with us😊

Varsha @theliberationprojectoz

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