"There is no end to the variety of purposes to which the dancing body can be put" - Gerald Jones

Expanding on the last post about the beautiful art that is dance, I would like to throw some light on dance and movement as a form of therapy since I have found that most people are not aware of it.⁠

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of dance as an exercise that facilitates increased coordination, mobility, strength, and flexibility; dance-movement therapy helps reduce stress, prevent diseases, and assists with mood management. It is a psychotherapeutic use of movement to integrate the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social aspects of our being. It also has important mental health benefits as it is effective in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. ⁠

Dance therapy is not about learning steps or following a certain discipline. It does not necessitate any prior dance experience whatsoever. It is to enable you to be in the moment, express your thoughts and feelings and be in control in a setting that is safe and free of all judgement.⁠

Varsha @theliberationprojectoz

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