Women Empowerment

The festival of Goddess Durga – known as Durga Puja in India – takes me back to fun times as a child. I associate the festival with quality time with family, delicious food and lots of music and dancing.⁠

What Durga represents resonates with me – strength, devotion, nurture, transformation, and courage.⁠

Being a woman in this world is hardly easy, so whenever necessary, I channel the energy of Durga and her avatars, in whatever form needed, to boost my confidence. She reminds us that we - women - are all innately strong, fierce, and powerful, and yet we are also tender, nurturing, and humble. ⁠

We all have an inner goddess in us in the forms of empowerment, liberty, courage, and confidence. She just needs to be awakened and set free, and we at TLP are here for you to help you integrate with your inner goddess.⁠

varsha @theliberationprojectoz

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