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Holistic Healing Services & reiki Sydney

The Liberation Project

Our modern lifestyle can leave us feeling overwhelmed, pressured and stressed at times as we juggle our personal and professional responsibilities.


It is easy to feel inadequate and concerned at the prospect of disappointing others. It is not surprising that we may lose our sense of self and at worst, it can lead to burnout and affect our overall wellness.


The Liberation Project was created to provide our clients with a safe space for self-care, reflection, and inner harmony, to counterbalance the potentially harmful impact of the stress of our daily lives. We want to help you discover confidence and calm, find the freedom to live, and enjoy life, in the way you were meant to.

​Our constant endeavour is to create a community of support to facilitate healing with holistic services including Dance-Movement Therapy, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Life Coaching & Mentoring, and Professional Development Coaching.


We will meet you right where you are on your journey and will help you find inner balance and harmony through powerful holistic methods that offer proven success.


Whatever your story, at The Liberation Project, you can be assured of compassion, sensitivity and fun, and our commitment to the values of respect, equality and empowerment.

Holistic Healing Services & reiki Sydney


During Varsha’s Spirit Dance class, I was able to journal my session’s journey, move to the beat of the music and feel strongly connected to my emotions. Not only was the session itself liberating, yet the order the music and sounds were designed to play at, almost told a story. I was able to reflect back on my childhood & past experiences which was a very cathartic feeling. It was an unforgettable experience and I am excited to endure more of these sessions in the future!

I had the most amazing experience during the Spirit Dance hosted by Varsha, The Liberation Project . My deepest gratitude to Varsha for creating a sacred and safe container for all the participants. Varsha is full of love and respect! I look forward to the next authentic and purposeful event. Thank you so much Varsha and keep spreading your love 🙏♥️

I had my reiki session with Varsha and it was truthfully a cathartic experience. She created a comfortable and peaceful environment for me to feel relaxed in. Varsha is someone I have grown to deeply trust and appreciate.


During my reiki process, her encouragement and understanding allowed me to have my very own spiritual awakening. All I can say is I definitely recommend her reiki sessions to anyone who is wanting to clear their mind, feel stress-free or even to try, for fun. I enjoyed it immensely and the therapeutic healing reiki provided me with was warming.

I know Varsha since 10 yrs now. She has a real and deep urge to help people overcome their limitations and problems. In fact she wants them to go beyond that and achieve their true potential and experience happiness, growth and bliss in their life. I blindly and deeply trust and appreciate her intention, knowledge and efforts. I, several times have taken counselling and guidance from her and it has helped tremendously always.