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Our Story

The Liberation Project is the direct outcome of the urgent and intense need for inner harmony in today’s fast paced and over-competitive society; a recognition stemming from personal experience through unhappiness and hopelessness, leading to the internal journey of healing from depression to happiness, pain to strength, trapped to liberation.

We understand how easy it is to let your mind travel to the worst-case scenarios, the “what ifs?”, and to dwell on the crippling fear of disappointing others that often keeps us up at night. By fixating on our weaknesses, we are only preventing our strengths from taking root within our souls and blossoming for the world to see.


Our goal is to inspire you to be your most beautiful, authentic self, to project confidence in everything you do, and to know that you are enough. Just as you are.


We want you to not only seek your truth, but to live your truth, each and every day.

holistic health, career coach & reiki sydney

Everyone is on their own journey through this life, and everyone has faced struggles, challenges, grief, and loss.


We understand that no one in this world is immune to sadness or despair, and these things are all a part of the human experience.


However, with the right support and encouragement, we all have the power within to find ourselves again and to lead a happy, fun and fulfilled life.


That inner healing can begin today with The Liberation Project.


Utilising our personal experiences, professional knowledge and the diverse set of expertise between ourselves, as a team, we help you reconnect with your true self and find happiness from within and be the best version of yourself. 

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Our Team

Meet our amazing Liberation Project founders

Varsha Chowdhury spiritual counsellor & dance movement therapist

Varsha Chowdhury

Founder and Director

Since the inception of The Liberation Project, I have helped both men and women rediscover themselves, by conquering their self-limiting beliefs, release emotional blocks and fears and by doing so reclaim their personal power and create a life of freedom.

However, I wasn't always the empowered self I am today. 


Not too long ago, I found myself in an emotionally abusive marriage pretending to be happy, lost and purposeless, earning barely minimum wage and clinically depressed.

My life changed when I finally took the critical decision to end my marriage and change my life's experience by investing in myself.


My journey to self empowerment and healing involved multitudes of self-development courses, seminars, and books, a variety of meditation practices and spiritual retreats, along with energetic healing like Reiki and mindful dance-movement. 

It was through my own healing that I found my calling.  My mission to share the knowledge, depth of understanding and awareness I have gained through my experiences, everything I have learnt about the inherent correlation between mind, body and spirit and how we can create our own reality, defined my purpose to be in healing service and help anyone who wants to transform their life.

Since then, I have gone on to become a certified Reiki Master and a full professional member of Australian Reiki Connection, a qualified counsellor and an internationally certified Results Coach trained by Benjamin Harvey from Authentic Education, a multi-award winner top Australian education company.

Today, I continue to live my purpose, to make a difference in small and big ways by helping people activate their innate healing mechanism, be lovingly guided and supported throughout as they go on their own personal journey to self-empowerment, find their full potential and go on to live a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life.

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Lyn Ainsworth spiritual counsellor & dance movement therapist

Lynette Ainsworth


My career reflects my commitment to service – to people who may experience disadvantage, to communities and to the many people I have had the privilege to work with. Initially I worked as a lawyer across areas of domestic violence, family breakdown and disadvantaged children.


For the past 25 years I have held leadership and governance roles in community organisations from very large to very small. In my current consultancy work I support organisations working with the most vulnerable in our communities. I am proud to also be Chair of the Board of Holdsworth Community, a small organisation providing amazing support for the elderly, people with a disability and young families.

Across my professional and personal life, I am guided by three key values:

  • Integrity – honesty, openness and accountability

  • Respect – as the foundation of trust and relationships

  • Hope – knowing that with will and hard work we can create a brighter future for ourselves and others.


I discovered dancing about 6 years ago – and met Varsha through dancing. It has been a source of therapy, mindfulness, peace, and joy – a powerful antidote to the challenging world we experience day to day and is now my passion along with other creative activities.

I have been married almost 40 years. I have twin sons, now grown up and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first grandchild later this year.