Do you ask yourself how to break away from repeating patterns?

I got told once - Nothing changes if nothing changes😏

We cannot expect anything in our environment to change if we are not willing to change whatever is going on within us. Our reality will inevitably remain the same because same actions lead to the same outcome🙃🙏🏽

If and when we want our life and experiences to look and feel different, we first need to become self-aware - introspection helps with getting started - and then take action in whatever way is necessary. Most often it takes the form of a journey of healing and self growth leading to epiphanies and breakthroughs.

The path to self-discovery and growth is both fun and painful, but the glorious sunshine that waits at the end of the tunnel outweighs the sometimes bumpy sailing by infinite times.

If you find yourself in some kind of pattern in relation to personal relationships, professional life, financial wellbeing, health and fitness goals or in some other aspect in your life it is a sign you need to go on a personal quest to break the cycle.

Few helpful tips to get you started -

✔️Core values - Make a list of all your values first. Then narrow them down to top 3

✔️Do a SWOT analysis on yourself

✔️Start maintaining a daily journal for thoughts and emotions

✔️Start taking conscious note of who/what/how triggers negative emotions like anger, frustration and disappointments (excellent in identifying emotional blocks)

✔️Take note of and journal internal dialogue, especially negative talk, to identify areas around which you might have limiting beliefs

✔️Create a vision board

✔️Practice mindfulness - whatever is appealing to you and suits your personality (doesn't have to be sit down meditation)

✔️Persist and don't give up under any circumstance

✔️Keep reminding yourself that you owe it to yourself and your dreams

Approach it as an adventure and enjoy the ride.

If you need help figuring it all out along the way, a Transformation Coach like myself can help. And if you find yourself excited and intrigued by the thought then click on 'Contact Us' to schedule a free Transformation Strategy Session.

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To your unlimited potential,


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