Reiki healing: A beginner’s guide- The what, the why and how it really works

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to imagine a life without stress, especially when you’re adulting. Jobs, bills, meal preps, deadlines, relationships, health, pandemic lockdowns.

The struggle is real.

But what if I told you, you can tone it all down? Wayyyy down. Pain-free, drug-free, stress-free.

Cue, Reiki. What is Reiki, you ask?

Here’s all you need to know, why it may be the one thing missing in your life right now and how it actually works.

Reiki healing in a nutshell

When you feel unwell, you go to the doctor’s. The doctor gives you medicine, you take it for a period of time while it travels to target areas in the body. They start to work to relieve you from pain and that’s buh-bye to sickness and hello to good health.

Reiki is the same, except swap unwell for stress, doctor for reiki healer, medicine for life force energy and target areas for chakras. And that’s buh-bye mental blockage and hello balance.

Too mystical? Let’s break it down.

The basics of Reiki

  • An ancient energy healing technique based on the principle that life energy flows in our bodies through channels, known as meridians

  • This ‘life force energy’ is stronger in various pockets of the body, commonly known as ‘chakras’

  • A trained, attuned reiki healer or practitioner uses gentle hand placements on or over your body to guide universal light energy into a person’s body to encourage self-healing (can be given hands-off or from a distance)

  • It’s a safe and noninvasive treatment to clear out emotional and mental blockages

  • Effective practice to realign, restore and reinstate a balanced flow of energy

Is Reiki for you?

Don’t we all want to ‘seize the day’? Carpe diem? Smell the roses?

Well, then Reiki is for everyone! No prerequisites nor strings attached, only benefits.

Whether you want to destress, heal from past emotional trauma, have more energy or are simply curious, here’s how Reiki can help you reclaim and transform your life:

  • Relieve anxiety and stress

  • Release tension in the body

  • Improve sleep, and increase energy

  • Declutter the mind and increase focus

  • Stimulate the body’s natural healing process

  • Promote recovery and harmony in your body

  • Restore balance and be in tune with your mind, body and spirit

More specifically, Reiki can work wonders for spiritual growth:

  • Clearing negative emotions related to self: self-worth, self-love and self-confidence

  • Clearing limiting beliefs and deconditioning

  • Clarity, consciousness and self awareness

  • Removing energetic blockages

How does Reiki actually work?

Like most holistic healing practices, Reiki is a gentle yet powerful, safe, and pain-free practice where the healer acts as a conduit for universal light.

  • With gentle hand placements, the healer guides the light through different points on the body (including legs and feet but never in any intimate areas)

  • This light helps accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal and bring harmony to your mental, spiritual, emotional and overall wellbeing

  • Reiki can be hands-on, hands-off, or be given from a distance, i.e. without being in the same physical location

  • It also works effectively in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic treatments to promote recovery

  • It’s completely safe and suited for all ages

What Reiki is not

  • It’s not a cure, it’s an energy healing practice.

  • Therefore not a substitute for a doctor, physician or a psychotherapist.

  • It’s not massage therapy. The placement of the hands is never invasive, intrusive or inappropriate.

Typical Reiki session at TLP

At The Liberation Project, our main goal is to empower you by helping you realise and grow into your inner power. A typical session ranges from 45mins - 1.5 hour and during that time, you can expect a safe, comfortable space.

“I had my reiki session with Varsha and it was truly a cathartic experience. She created a comfortable and peaceful environment for me to feel relaxed in. During my reiki process, her encouragement and understanding allowed me to have my very own spiritual awakening. All I can say is I definitely recommend her reiki sessions to anyone who is wanting to clear their mind, feel stress-free or even to try, for fun. I enjoyed it immensely and the therapeutic healing reiki provided me with was warming.”

- Ruchi Uprety

After Reiki

The way you will experience Reiki is unique to you. Although it differs from person to person, you may feel:

  • Nothing at all (your life force energy may be a secret agent working in stealth mode)

  • Relaxed and peaceful, you may even fall asleep during the treatment (go for it)

  • Warm, tingling sensations in areas of Reiki treatment (nothing to worry about)

  • Moving sensations throughout the body (your life force energy saying hi)


Simply stated, Reiki is about you. It’s about helping you be the best version of yourself. It’s a tool that can help you at every stage in your life.

So whether you’re adulting, on a journey to discover yourself, or simply want to navigate life a bit better, it’s always important to check in with yourself:

  • Are you feeling some form of stress in your life, big or small?

  • Do you feel tired and lose motivation sometimes?

  • Do you want to improve focus and feel positive?

  • Do you want to feel more energetic?

To help you take a step closer towards healing, feeling and living better, your first half-hour consultation is on us!

At TLP, our programs help you reclaim your power within.

Reiki, set, go! Book your free consult now.

See you on the Zen side.

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