My First Love

Updated: Mar 21

My first love was, is and will always be - Dance.

In all the times I danced growing up I never stopped to consider or realise why I loved it so, and why it brought me that much peace and joy. It just did. No reason to question something that I loved and that which served me so well, right? Right!

And I never did.

But a few years ago, it came to me unprompted – it is meditation for me. The immense benefits of meditation and mindfulness is well recognised and dance-movement is meditative. Hence, it is no wonder that dancing helped me, so profoundly and effectively, navigate through my mental and emotional health.

I am competent with words. I can quite easily articulate my feelings and thoughts and communicate it to others. It is and has been a fundamental part of my professional life after all. And yet, the depth to which I can express with my body through dance and movement, in an effortless manner, I simply cannot with words. It is without a doubt my favourite and easiest form of expression.

When I am dancing, especially as part of my personal dance-movement practise, nothing else exists. Just me, my body, my breath, and my heart beating inside my chest. The world could be collapsing outside, and I wouldn’t know :-p In those moments as I move, sway and flow, sometimes I am visited by tears, heartache, and pain; and other times I am supported by gratitude, joy, vitality, and play. It’s all a welcome part of the inspiring adventure and exploration. The point of it is to honour, acknowledge and ride the wave to a powerful, cathartic release. The reward is the bolstering of my inner power with a steady positive mindset, energy boost, state of joy, and a sense of harmony. Every time after a dance I feel like I can take on the world – f***ing covid, floods, war and all.

Recently, I have also had one more epiphany. Dance is also my favourite way to pray. After all what is prayer if not communication in essence? It is communication to the universe, Spirit, the Divine – the label is not important – whatever your concept of higher power is, isn’t it?

To me dance is divine. It is my creativity in its best shape and form. It doesn’t matter how good or bad my practise is on a given day. Even if I am feeling stiff and sore and not in my best form, it doesn’t matter. Even on the worst day it brings me happiness, not only because the act of dancing itself brings me joy, but also because I KNOW that the bad day is transient. I KNOW that the next day will be better. It is an omnipresent reminder that time is an evolving phenomenon, that ‘struggle’ is only a phase. Which is pivotal to a healthy mindset because it acts as a very strong safety net from being consumed by despair through challenging times. Of this I can assure you because I have experienced it. If you have read my other blogs on dancing and dance-movement, you know that to be true.

In the past, dance, apart from being my love and passion, was also my escape. Now it has become an integral part of my spirituality. As my dance-movement practise helps me liberate, my connection to the divine strengthens. I become more expansive and abundant.

Dancing is the biggest gift I was bestowed upon by the Spirit and the one I am, and will always be, grateful for the most until my last breath. Even when I am in my 90s, if I live that long, I see myself honouring that gift by moving to my favourite music, with a toothy smile (dentures of course haha) on my face, a skip in my step and swing in my hips.

With love,

Varsha @theliberationprojectoz

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